Trump Didn’t Defend White Supremacists Because He’s Racist – You Know Why He Did It

We all know why Trump was infuriated at that third press conference where he took questions about the Charlottesville attack. It’s not because he’s racist and likes white supremacists. It’s not even because he hates left-wing activists.

It’s because someone, anyone, attempted to criticize him in any way.

It doesn’t even matter how they did it. His only principle of moral action is “if someone hits me, I’ll hit them ten times as hard.” His fans love him for it.

So someone tied him to white supremacists, and it sounded like a criticism.

And he went on Twitter, and all his adoring fans were screaming, “what about the leftists?!?” And he turned on Fox News and all his adoring fans were screaming, “what about the leftists?!?”

So, after a brief foray into pretending he’s “presidential” and listening to his wiser aides, he reverted back to Trump.

And he screamed, “what about the leftists?!?!”

Because when you don’t have any principles, and you don’t really believe in anything except in your personal self-preservation and self-aggrandizement, it doesn’t really matter who is right. All that matters is someone is criticizing you.

And so you lash out with a irrational, illogical defense, but one that feels good. It feels good to say someone else is worse than you, so you’re OK. It doesn’t actually make you a better person, but it justifies whatever failing you have as long as you can hypocritically say someone else is worse.

So is he racist? He’s probably not even aware enough to hate people for their skin color. He just hates anyone who says anything bad about him, and loves anyone who says anything good about him.

And none of this matters.