Twitter SUSPENDED my SooperMexican account – because I QUOTED a crazy liberal!!

Soooo I, el SooperMexican, awoke this morning to find that my FIRST AMENDMENT right to free speech was OBLITERATED by the FAILING FASCISTS at totalitarian Twitter!!!!

Here’s what happened – I posted a video of an insane woman on MSNBC last night, who literally said that voting for “old conservative white women” was like accepting a dinner invitation from Hannibal Lechter, the fictional murderer and cannibal.

I paraphrased what she said in all caps, because it was so absurd.

They made me delete the video, but you can find it here at the Riiiiight Scoooop!

Here’s the notice I got:

twitter suspension

Does that make ANY sense?

Now, on the very same day I posted that tweet, which I have now deleted, this idiot posted a threat to a sitting U.S. female Senator:

Guess what? He’s still tweeting!! LOL!! Amazing.

This one sounds like she’s wishing Susan Collins gets raped:

Guess what? Still tweeting!

What a pathetic and Kafkaesque example of the absurd selective application of Twitter rules against conservatives. Or Mexicans. Yeah, that’s it, it’s racist, dammit! No me gusta, nò!

Also, to be intellectually consistent, I will admit that this is NOT an abridgment of my First Amendment rights. Twitter is a private company and can do what it wants. BUT, I can still point out that they’re acting stupidly and against their own rules and showing their bias. And this is one of those times.

Feel free to flood Twitter with castigations against @Jack Dorsey for this grand injustice.