Petition against AB5 law gets 170,000 signatures, from just one industry in California

AB5, the poorly named “gig economy” bill, continues to decimate freelance jobs in California, and now there’s a federal version the Democrats want to push. Meanwhile, more than 170,000 people have signed a petition against the bill, and they’re just from ONE industry:

Here’s one of the organizers:


I’m glad they did this, but, I am uneasy with industries seeking exemptions for themselves and leaving everyone else out in the lurch. We all need to defeat this bill for everyone so that we can keep the freedom to work. But in any case, this proves that AB5 is negatively affecting hundreds of thousands of people, but the elitist politicians like Lorena Sanchez are ignoring their voices. We need to get louder.

Here’s more about the bill:

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