Author of disastrous AB5 bill is caught lying about protesters to undermine freelancers

California lawmaker Lorena Sanchez is finding out that when she screws with the livelihoods of freelancers that they suddenly have a whole lot of free time to screw with her.

That’s what they did on Saturday during her event to suck up to presidential loser Elizabeth Warren, who is maybe a week away from dropping out of the election:

Here was the response:

In the video from the event, there’s a lot of chanting against AB5, and Lorena doesn’t seem too happy about it, but notice what she does:


These are people, Republican and Democrat, who have lost jobs and income because of AB5. This has nothing to do with Trump. But Lorena, because she is an inveterate liar, paints them as Trump supporters in order to turn the crowd against them.  She yells “fuck Trump” like some idiot pretending to stand up to Trump supporters.

What a pathetic wretch.

The protesters didn’t have anything to say about Trump, pro or against, they were there to protest AB5. All Lorena can do is LIE about them in order to try to defend her disastrous bill.

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