Pathetic: WHO confirms they ignored Taiwan’s very early warnings about coronavirus

Taiwan is the country to watch during the coronavirus epidemic. They claimed that they told WHO very early about coronavirus spreading person-to-person, and WHO ignored them. Now WHO is admitting they screwed up very badly:

Well. That’s problematic isn’t it. Taiwan knew it was an enormous problem in December but WHO ignored them and told the world isn’t wasn’t a big deal. Brilliant.

Self-governing, and Democratic, Taiwan is a threat to China and WHO would rather suck up to the communists than allow in a free country.

This is why this crazy interaction happened between a WHO expert and a journalist, which we have already previously posted:

And if you want proof that Taiwan knew what they were doing, they have been able to effectively contain the virus because they know NOT to trust China or the WHO:

“Taiwan rapidly produced and implemented a list of at least 124 action items in the past five weeks to protect public health,” report co-author Jason Wang, a Taiwanese doctor and associate professor of pediatrics at Stanford Medicine, said in a statement. “The policies and actions go beyond border control because they recognized that that wasn’t enough.”


Among those early decisive measures was the decision to ban travel from many parts of China, stop cruise ships docking at the island’s ports, and introduce strict punishments for anyone found breaching home quarantine orders.

In addition, Taiwanese officials also moved to ramp up domestic face-mask production to ensure the local supply, rolled out islandwide testing for coronavirus — including retesting people who had previously unexplained pneumonia — and announced new punishments for spreading disinformation about the virus.

Maybe we should fire the WHO and make Taiwan our WHO. Taiwhat, we could call it.

Here’s a pretty great summary of why China and the WHO suck, and Taiwan is awesome:

When this is over, we need to draw closer to Taiwan and dump China….