Jemele Hill, David Hogg and other assorted liberal idiots manifest their unbelievable ignorance while trying to dunk on Trump

God bless the morons. Truly, these idiots have reminded me of the halcyon days of pre-2015 when we were all united to mock and ridicule the stupidity emanating forth from the dumbest depths of the most ignorant of liberals. Sigh.

Anyway, this is what happened.

El Presidente was debating Joe Biden when he claimed that some of the children who were abandoned at the border were brought there by “coyotes and cartels.”

Right. I mean, yeah, that happens. All of the time.


All of these libs came out of the woodwork to try to dunk on el Presidente because, and this is key, THEY ARE SO STUPID THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT A COYOTE IS!



Now for those of you who still might be confused, a “coyote” is the term for a guide who ferries illegal aliens across the border, illegally, for money. They are horrible people. They often rape the women they bring across, and sometimes they just straight up kill people. Some of them are aligned with the most evil of cartels.

But apparently, Jemele Hill, WHO IS OFTEN APPEARING ON MY TELEVISION TRYING TO TELL ME HOW I SHOULD LIVE MY LIFE, doesn’t know anything about that:

Holy crap. Again, I repeat… wow.

Of course, the prince of half-witted libs, David Hogg, climbed into this clown car and took the wheel gleefully:


So I had a lot of fun with these morons. Usually I’m like, “eh, both sides, etc.” or “well to be fair to their side…” but not this time. NOPE.







Ahhhh that’s satisfying. And these are just the most famous morons who tried to dunk on Trump and fell flat on their dumb stupid faces. I got into a looong debate with this dimwit after she tried to say “coyotes” was a dog whistle, which is another insanely stupid statement:


She ran off and blocked me, so you can check out some of our debate in my timeline if you wish.

Oh and also:


Now look, to be fair, maybe some of them were actually saying that Trump wasn’t being completely honest about how these kids got to be apprehended at the border, but I know for sure that many of them are actually just idiots.

And don’t get me started on this moron:

Wow. I just… I dunno. I will be pondering the idiocy of that one until I am 98 years old, abandoned at a nursing home where I breath my last dying sentiment to some random anonymous nurse, whispering angrily, “you… can’t.. drill to the core… stupidddd…”