California Gov. Gavin Newsom caught red-handed being an elitist hypocritical jackass

Well California Governor Gavin Newsom was caught being a rich elitist hypocritical jackass about social distancing as the coronavirus epidemic worsens.

Even as he was issuing more lockdowns to Californians and telling them to shut down their family gatherings for Christmas and Thanksgiving, this idiot was out having ritzy meals at one of the most exclusive restaurants on Earth.

Here’s what I imagine that looked like:

But we don’t need to rely on my active imagination, because someone actually snapped photos of Newsom at his fancy schmancy meal!

BUT, as Jen Van Laar pointed out over at Red State, he tried to lie about what he did, even as he was apologizing!!

When Newsom “apologized” Monday for attending the party, he claimed it was outdoors.

As the photos depict, three of the sides of the “room” were solid, and the fourth wall was a sliding glass door. That door was closed part of the time, the woman told Melugin, and the people weren’t very socially-distanced….

Now here’s the thing. I think it’s dumb to point at this hypocritical things in order to defy mask guidelines. Just because Democrats are douchebag hypocrites when it comes to wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to ignore those things.

However, it severely undercuts Newsom’s credibility when he’s out there telling people that they can’t have dinner with their families. Maybe instead he should show some leadership and avoid obvious displays of hypocrisy rather than show how the wealthy have it so much easier than the rest of us during the coronavirus pandemic. Pendejo.