SooperPodcast #477!! Believe me, everybody knows, creepy chatbot Sidney!!

THIS WEEK we finally record again!! It’s me and Jess and we talk about a whole lotta stuff hooboy! We discuss the cycle of self-inflicted stupidity and exaggeration! Also Jess yass-queens all over Nikki Haley and tries to be subtle about it, but fails! El Sooper talks about the Second Ronald declaring war on the College Board and winning!! Also how Trump called him a groomer! ALSO Little Peter Booty-judge!! Single short people writing for the New York Times, whether George Soros backed the Second Ronald, and whether people know that el Sooper is a big jerk!! Also should we be terrified of creepy chatbot Sidney and their indefatigable love for humanity?! ALSO who wrote this really dumb thing about people who make half a million dollars in the suburbs of New Jork City?! And finally, a great Twitter thread from an account with a greek statue in the avatar, and what that means. Here’s hint: it’s not good!! ALL on this week’s very late SooperPodcast!!! Wow, go listen now!!

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This is the tweet I brought up in the podcast about capitalism, but only click here if you’ve already listened or you want it to be spoiled.

Here’s the thing about Bing’s Chatbot.

Here’s the latest developments about the podcast:






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