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More ‘War On Women’ Deleted Tweets – Democrat Congressional Candidate Asks Followers to Assail Conservative Woman With ‘C-Word’!

I already showed how Clay Aiken deleted a tweet advocating violence against Ann Coulter, and how Buzzfeed accidentally neglected to mention it in their post about his deleted tweets. Here’s two more that are less well documented, but might also get him into trouble:


Link to the American Idol forum where the comment appeared.


Link to the American Idol forum where this comment appeared.

But those are so recent! Maybe someone paid them off to write such slanders! Oh wait, here’s one from 2012 when he actually posted the tweet:


Here’s the link to that forum post, from fans of Clay Aiken, with the motto, “where fans of Clay come to play!”

Oh and here’s another one. And here’s another one.

Update: Here’s a reconstruction of the tweet for you image-minded people:


Again, funny how Buzzfeed managed to ignore this very offensive deleted tweet as well as the one where he advocated violence against a conservative woman. SO weird, right?!

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