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This CNN Host Is More Horrified By Citizens With Guns Than With a Dangerous Random Sniper!

The insanity of the liberal gun control was on full display this week when CNN host Ashleigh Banfield reported on a terrible sniper who was randomly shooting at people on an Arizona highway. But her horror was reserved more for the citizens who formed a militia to hunt the guy down, rather than the dangerous criminal!!

Regular Americans with guns are just a “harrowing” idea to this crazy Canadian transplant to America – she just doesn’t think the millions of gun-owners are responsible enough to help the police hunt down a criminal.

She would prefer that they all just sit and wait for the sniper to take potshots at them because liberals just love victims, and hate anyone who takes their fate into their own hands.

That should be more “harrowing” to Americans.

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  • ScienceABC123

    The progressive/leftist view on public safety – “That’s the government’s job! And we’ll get around to it once we’ve confiscated all those privately own guns.”

  • 3

    No surprise!
    By default see embraces the British Mentality…
    “Die if you must, but don’t fight back”
    And the Patriot American Version…
    “Take the Fight to the SOB’s and Terminate with Extreme Prejudice!”

    Why do we put up with these Asshole’s..
    The Constitution isn’t a “Nation” Suicide Pact.
    It is the Foundation of this Republic!!!

  • ifme

    She’s canadian? Then she should keep her mouth shut.

  • Kelly Zat

    She’s such an idiot. Seriously. She’s the embodiment of that old Don Henley song Dirty Laundry – I just have to look good…

    Use the RS link – the YT video link is down.

  • M10 Bob

    “At CNN…We go stupid early!”

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