The Enormous Gaping Chasm At The Center of the Democratic Convention

The conventions have come and gone and both sides are claiming victory. Each side had their debacles, though only the Democrats had controversy over inclusion of God in their platform and utter fecklessness in explaining why they needed to go to a smaller venue.

But I digress.

Everyone at the Democratic National Convention celebrated the greatness of Obama, and everyone at the Republican National Convention praised the greatness of America. There were many lessons to be learned, but I think one of the more important ones is what was lacking at the Obama National Convention:

There were no personal stories of Obama’s sacrifice.

Everyone praised Obama for spending others’ people money and borrowing on their grandkids’ behalf in order to provide quicker infanticide, and less personal responsibility. But there wasn’t any stories like the ones at the RNC explaining the incredibly moving acts of charity that Mitt showed to those suffering the vicissitudes of life.

Here is one such story:

Read the entire text of the speech here.

Biden talked about how courageous Obama was in the White House. Jennifer Granholm slobbered over his “saving” of the auto industry that cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. Bill Clinton attacked his opponents. Michelle described how he cared so much by reading letters from Americans. But has he ever personally gone out of his way to help someone?

Are Obama’s morality and sympathy always coming out of the wallet of someone else?

This is the gaping chasm at the center of the Democratic National Convention, because it is the gaping hole at the center of Barack Obama.

This is liberalism – not personal responsibility or morality, but responsibility cast off, and morality mortgaged from future generations.