How Many American Children Have Died Since Liberal Wendy Davis Began Filbustering Texas Abortion Safety Bill?

Wendy Davis began her filibuster of a Texas bill that would increase safety standards for abortion mills, at 11:15am CST. It is now 6:45pm CST. From census figures:

In the six and a half hours since her filibuster began, about 898 human beings have lost their lives to abortion. About 202 of those were Hispanic, 298 were African-American, and 398 were Caucasian, on average.

Since African-Americans are 12.6% of the US population, but 40.5% of the abortions, then they are more than three times as likely to die in abortions than the average. Hispanics are 16.4% of the US population, but 33.2% of abortions, so they are nearly 50% more likely to die in abortions than the average.

And somehow pro-life conservatives are racist?


At 9 hours into the filibuster, abortion has claimed the lives of 1,243 children: 503 African-American children, and 412 Hispanic children.

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