Your Tax Dollars At Work: How NPR Misreports Facts In The South To Push Race Narrative


One of the ways in which the media abrogates its duty to inform the public is in neglecting to report key facts that would change the conclusions an audience would make about a set of events.

It’s even worse when that media source is supported by the taxpayer just to be be propagandized into a political agenda. Here’s the latest egregious example from NPR:

In the broadcast, the reporter, who is also local to Macon, suggests Republicans trampled the rights of black voters in Macon, GA to suppress black voter turn out in recent local elections.

In fact, voter turnout across the newly consolidated Bibb County, of which Macon is a part, was 51%, which exceeded the November 2010 election turn out. Moreso, the local districts were drawn to reflect a majority black population.

That crucial fact was left out, but NPR made it sound as if racism was the cause of the election’s results. From their report:

In the odd-month election that followed, some competitive black candidates for mayor and commission seats lost to white opponents.

“There’s certainly a lot happening in Macon-Bibb County,” said Gilda Daniels, a former attorney in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and now a law professor at the University of Baltimore.

Are they saying that the only possible way that blacks would ever vote for a white candidate is if there was voter fraud? It seems so, because that’s the only evidence they have, and they bury the contrary evidence:

One of those white candidates, Mayor Robert Reichert, won even in overwhelmingly black precincts. The other candidate, Rabbi Larry Schlesinger, won a district that had a 60% black voting age population — and has consistently won in black districts. The NPR reports leaves out that the Schlesinger race did result in litigation started by the losing black candidate, Henry Ficklin. Ficklin won his case and a new election was ordered in which he lost again.

Yeah, that’s right – he lost twice. Apparently NPR is so unable to believe that black people can vote for the best candidate instead of for a skin color, that they’ll ignore and misrepresent facts that show otherwise.

Aren’t you glad you’re supporting this race narrative propaganda?