WATCH How CA Residents Who Turned Away Illegal Immigrants Respond to Speaker Praising ‘Melting Pot’ and ‘Hispanics’

The California citizens who rose up against the feds plan to dump illegal immigrants in their community have been called “scary,” “outrageous,” “appalling,” and racist. On Wednesday evening city officials held a contentious town hall meeting where citizens got to passionately state their reasoning for turning back the buses bringing so many illegal aliens.

While you might see some of the more angry comments on the news, you won’t see the clip I found from a citizen attending the meeting. In it, a city council man describes the conditions that he saw at the make shift detention center, and suggested that it was their responsibility to treat illegal immigrants better. Everyone applauded.

When he responded to accusations that their actions were driven by racism, hatred and xenophobia, he very clearly praised the city of Murrieta for being just as much a “melting pot” of different races and ethnicities as the rest of California. Loud applause.

He then said Murrieta is composed of 28% Hispanic residents and they are all welcome. Loud applause.

But if you watch the news reports, you’d think these were rabid anti-Hispanic racists. This is exactly why we don’t trust the mainstream media.

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