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That ‘Equality Activist’ Who Deleted Racist Anti-Asian Tweets Has Deleted Her ENTIRE Account!

Earlier today during the raucous “Fancy Farm” political picnic in Kentucky, an “equality” activist, feminist and Allison Lundergan Grimes supporter Kathy Groob tossed out a bunch of tweets that seemed to be pretty heavily tainted with raaaaaaaaacism towards Mitch McConnell’s “Chinese” wife (she’s Taiwanese). I screencapped and documented them here.

Eventually she deleted the tweets and apologized, but now she’s gone so far as to protect her account:



The Groobinator has deleted her entire Twitter account. That’s pretty heavy, bro.


Now the internet is free from the pernicious influence of another viciously racist liberal. You’re welcome, internets. Feel free to buy me a beer by tipping the “reconquista jar.”

[editor’s note: headline was changed to reflect update.]

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