Memories Pizza Was an INSIDE JOB!!! Angry Bitter Liberals Are Turning to PIZZA TRUTHER Conspiracy Theories!

conspiracy protester sign MEMORIES PIZZA

I’ve been seeing a lot of liberals absolutely fuming that people are supporting the Christian owners of the Indiana Pizzeria that’s been mercilessly attacked by anti-Religious Rights advocates. But that isn’t enough to vent their bitter fury, so they’re turning to a conspiracy theory to explain the outpouring of support for Memories Pizza!

You gotta be a special kind of stupid to think the owners of a small pizzeria were able to get reporters out to misrepresent their comments, expect the ridiculous backlash they got, and then hire Dana Loesch to publicize a donation page. But these liberals prove over and over that they are, indeed, a special kind of stupid.

These are my favorites – this guy is suspicious because he can’t believe how a business might survive after an injection of money! LOL!

Yes, moron, that’s how businesses work, that’s why they ask for business loans. Need any more proof they don’t know how the free market works?

And then there’s this one:

No evidence? How about the fact that Dana Loesch told one of the owners on her show about it when they announced it, and the owners have commented about the campaign many times? LOL!

Sonny Bunch at the Free Beacon covers the exposing of the nefarious Pizza Freemason conspiracy here as well! 

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