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Hillary HECKLED!! Misogynist Clinton Supporter MAN-HANDLES Girl Shouting About Global Warming!

An obviously sexist and misogynist womyn-hating thug attempted to wrestle a noble, freedom-loving, free speech hippy protester to the ground because she would dare speak out against our future totalitarian monarch Hillary Clinton!!! Where are the feminists?! I’m angry! GRRR!!!

Watch below [UPDATE!! Through order of our once and future monarchs, the Clintons, the video has been taken down and the videographer chastised and sent to Guantanamo Bay!!!]:

A misogynist Mexican posted this close up of the assault on the poor woman:

Lock her up!! She insulted our future queen!!

More from the Shill:

Clinton was asked about her stance on banning fossil fuel extraction on public land, something she said she couldn’t support “until we get alternatives into place,” according to CNN.

 An audience member followed up, saying she was disappointed by the answer and asking if it was because of campaign contributions Clinton has received from the fossil fuel industry.

“No. No, it is not,” Clinton said, adding that the more politically appealing answer — that “you bet I will ban extraction on public lands” — would have been infeasible as a policy position.

“We have to change our energy policy, I have been clear about that,” she said.

“I have been repeatedly clear about that, and we also have to do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt our economy. It’s really easy to say, let’s ban all of these fossil fuel extractions and forget about all the people who are employed, who have jobs, who rely on the energy.”

Clinton said she is “a strong believer in tackling climate change in the very strongest way we can, to have that transition away from it, into clean, renewable energy, solar and wind and advanced biofuels and the like.”

The answer wasn’t enough for some in the audience, who stood and began chanting, “Act on climate, act on climate.”

We hope the protesters are promptly arrested and thrown into the Bastille for many years.

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