2nd Amendment

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  • WuDanFu

    Yah, bigger signs, maybe add this means you, maybe more angry or threatening, yah, that’s it…

  • MissTrixieB

    WHEN will the stupid libtards get it through their thick heads that “No Gun Zone” signs INVITE this kind of tragedy?

  • Cyberats

    Get off the two party paradigm morons, both parties want you disarmed, RIFLES first.
    Why rifles ? Because those you use to fight a war against a Tyrannical Government.
    Firearm restriction started in 1933 with the ban on military weapons, more came in 1966 & 1996.
    It didn’t matter who was in power, they maintained and upheld said bans & unlawful regulations.
    Government is not your friend and monotheist religion is their right hand usurper.

  • Michael Onoo

    obama sending staff to shooters family to console and protect them


  • pathfinder

    They don’t care. In that regard the…fellow…up above is correct: if they could use this as a way to disarm law abiding citizens, they would. Otherwise, as far as they are concerned: the right folks got killed (excepting the poor shooter of course; he’s just misunderstood).
    PS. Proggies love Islam: it’s like their idea of a perfect religion — religion and state are one; followers are not allowed to think outside of blind obedience to the state/religion; the strong horses (aka. true believers) can engage in all manner of debauchery with no worry of punishment but boy do the “wrong” people get to be punished out the wahzoo!…for them, what’s not to like?
    That’s what people don’t get. They aren’t worried about Islam taking over; they want it…they’ll have no problems converting and riding that camel for all its worth.

  • Tory

    Somewhere between realizing that their imagined utopia is a fantasy and that in spite of their constant assertions to the contrary, people are never, under any circumstances, equal, many people just plain suck altogether and evil definitely exists even outside of conservative circles and when they finally find out that not only is Santa Claus not real, but the very real man who became the mythical Santa Claus of today was a Christian martyr imprisoned during the Great Persecution who refused for 8 long years to renounce his faith in exchange for his freedom and would definitely NOT have been a supporter of same sex marriage.

  • Geo

    Wait a minnet here….I thought that taking down the Confederate flag was gonna stop all the hate? Someone didn’t get the memo?

  • teapartydoc

    The false flag is in the canard about everybody does it (2 parties). Sure Republicans are stupid, but Democrats are genuinely evil. I’ll go with stupid over evil on a straight ticket EVERY time.

  • Jack O’Spades

    It’s a conspiracy of government failure on more levels than can be listed.

  • Cyberats

    You’re an idiot, you have the same dumb half-wit response for everything.

  • kilo6

    Check out his YouTube channel

    Orgone energy
    9-11 inside job
    Etc etc
    Angry angry angry as well.
    Hostile, puerile, ad hominem Randroid/Radical Atheist responses to everything
    Everyone else is a hopeless rube for not seeing things his way

  • kilo6
  • Cyberats

    U STUPID BRO ???
    Does that answer your question ?

  • Cyberats

    Nobody is stupid, they do more or less what they are told by the 0.001% Mega Rich or they get replaced, immediately or gradually. Hey, you know accidents happen all the time and now we got CIASIS in Homeland.

  • Cyberats

    Nothing to dispute the history of gun bans ? I see, just personal insults by a lame brain.

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