‘The Young Turks’ Steven Oh Deletes DESPICABLE Tweet Saying Prolifers Never GRIEVE Over MISCARRIAGES

It looks like the Planned Parenthood pro-abortion bloodthirsty lobby is absolutely losing it. Here’s the Chief Operating Officer of “The Young Turks,” a left-wing commie YouTube channel, actually accuse pro-life people of not caring about their miscarriages:

steven yo sooper

What an idiot. A follower of mine pointed out that he was outrageously exaggerating the claim, as there are not anywhere near 10,000 miscarriages a day. But that’s besides the point – he’s saying that pro-life people don’t care about miscarriages? What a piece of trash.

I guess when you don’t care about chopping up unborn children, you have to imagine your opponents are much worse.

After a ton of people excoriated the idiot for mocking their grief at their miscarriages, he deleted the tweet. No apology though.

What a degenerate.

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