Trump SuperPAC Shuts Down After One Reporter Calls And Asks Questions!

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Now I know no one will believe me but I literally told the other drunken idiots on my sooperpodcast that I was about 99% sure that Trump was colluding with SuperPACs. No really, go ASK THEM if I said that!!!

Anyway, a reporter simply called up the Trump org, asked a few questions, and a few days later a Trump superPAC announced it’d be shutting down because LOL!

From the Washington Post:

A super PAC with ties to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is shutting down in an effort to put an end to building questions about the closeness of the two operations, the group’s lead consultant said Thursday.

After The Washington Post reported this week on multiple connections between Trump and the Make America Great Again PAC, Mike Ciletti, the Colorado-based operative running the group, said he had decided to close up shop.

“It’s an issue that I have relationships with Mr. Trump’s staff,” he said in a phone interview. “I will eliminate the questions and shut down the super PAC.” Ciletti’s decision was first reported by Politico.

The Post reported this week that Trump’s campaign has paid two firms connected to Ciletti, a longtime associate of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Ciletti also solicited a major GOP donor using contact information he said he obtained from Trump’s personal assistant, The Post reported.

Ciletti said Thursday that any work he did for Trump came before the real estate mogul officially entered the race in mid-June. He declined to say whether Lewandowski played a role in setting up the super PAC or whether Trump had authorized the super PAC to use his Rolodex to reach potential contributors.

“How it came into existence isn’t really relevant at this point,” he said. He started the group, he said, because “it was an opportunity to have an important role in the presidential race.” But, Ciletti added, “its impact will never be realized.”

We’ll probably not see many of these stories however, because the FEC who monitors elections says they are completely overwhelmed, understaffed and underfunded. So Democracy is basically on its own this election. And don’t give me that “but we’re a reepubleeeec” crap, the mode by which we conduct elections is still called democratic, our system of governance is organized as a Republic. Gainsayer.

Also, Ben Carson is eating Trump’s lunch in Iowa. Have a great weekend!!!

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