Capitalism Causes Evil Things Like Zionism, Global Warming, And Destruction Of Sea Otter Habitats Says Liberal Wanting To Ban White Artists

This has got to be one of the more bat-$hit crazy clips of a liberal being as liberal as they could possibly be.

Just watch it, I’ll explain afterward:



So Max Geller runs some idiotic group called “Renoir Sucks At Painting,” but as he explains why he thinks this is a “social justice” movement, it’s because Renoir is a white male.

When the news anchor pushes back with this question,  “why not let the free market dictate who’s paintings are good enough?” Max answers with one of the most liberal sentences in the long history of stupidity:

“I think when we let the free market dictate things, we get things like, uh, climate change, we get things like the prison industrial complex, like Zionism, and y’know, the destruction of sea otter habitats.”

The news anchors were pretty befuddled after that.

Here’s the entire segment if you feel the need to waste a few minutes your life laughing at idiocy:

What’s rather funny is that it appears that everyone in the tiny merry band of idiots protesting for this cause against white artists are…. white. Max admits his Marxist motivations towards the end when he talks about marching through our cultural institutions. Unfortunately, not all Marxists are as impotent and stupid as Max is…

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