Cherry-Picking Liberals IGNORE NYT FACTS On Colorado Shooter: Wasn’t Obsessed With Either Politics Or Abortion

The cherry-picking leftist-leaning media is picking apart every morsel of information about the Colorado shooter like vultures at a carcass, in order to prove he was their wet dream of the perfect right-wing conservative crazy.

But they’re ignoring essential facts about the very-likely-crazy guy.

From the New York Times:

His former wife, Pamela Ross, 54, who was with him for 16 years or so and once called the police to accuse him of domestic violence, recalled a big man, well-groomed when she knew him, gentle and pleasant most of the time.

He was generally conservative, but not obsessed with politics. He kept guns around the house for personal protection and hunting, and he taught their son to hunt doves, as many Southern fathers do. He believed that abortion was wrong, but it was not something that he spoke about much. “It was never really a topic of discussion,” she said.

“It never, ever, ever, ever crossed my mind,” she said, that he would be capable of such a thing. “My heart just fell to my stomach.”

Not terribly interested in politics, just like his voter registration indicated too  – what about religion? She has something to say about that too:

The younger Mr. Dear was raised as a Baptist, Ms. Ross said in an interview in Goose Creek, S.C., where she now lives. He was religious but not a regular churchgoer, a believer but not one to harp on religion. “He believed wholeheartedly in the Bible,” she said. “That’s what he always said; he read it cover to cover to cover.” But he was not fixated on it, she added.

They prefer, instead, to point at the guy who said he passed out anti-Obama literature, and completely ignore that his ex-wife said he wasn’t terribly interested in politics. You think his ex-wife might have known him slightly better than a stranger?

And later…

He seemed to have a separate life online. An online personals ad seeking women in North Carolina interested in bondage and sadomasochistic sex showed a picture that appeared to be Mr. Dear and used an online pseudonym associated with him. The same user also appeared to have turned to online message boards to seek companions in the Asheville area with whom he could smoke marijuana.

On Cannabis.com, the writer said in December 2005: “AIDS, hurricanes, we are in the end times. Accept the LORD JESUS while you can.”

Notice – when they find that a Islamist terrorist acted intemperately before committing an attack, they immediately conclude he wasn’t “really” Muslim because they wouldn’t do that stuff. When a Christian does those things, it’s just evidence that he’s a hypocrite, like all of “those people” are. The double standard against Christians and for Muslims is as plain and obvious as can be… unless you’re a disingenuous liberal who believes their agenda over reality.

Happy Thanksgiving, The Quintessential American Holiday…