Shakespeare Protester: I ‘Protected’ Trump From NeverTrumpers Trying to ‘Eradicate’ Him!

I don’t even know what to say about this. This is just incredibly amazing. Lauren Loomer is the doofus who interrupted the “Julius Ceasar” play that portrayed the headline character as Trump.

She thinks she was “protecting” him from NeverTrump assassins!!!

Watch below:

There’s a much longer video available at the Riiiiight Scooooop!!

LOL!! Wow. That is remarkable. Loomer is such a prolific Shakespeare scholar that she knows that any representation of Julius Ceasar as a politician other than the historic figure is a “bastardization” of the play. Because that’s NEVER been done before! LOL!! Incredible.

And she was “protecting” Trump from the evil nasty NeverTrumpers who want to “eradicate” him with their evil tweets and principled conservative critiques!!

I mean, c’mon, you have to admit that is AMAZING that she can be so delusional as to believe that, be so shameless as to sell it to dimwit Hannity, and he can regurgitate it to his even dimmer-witted audience.

And WHY is Trump so ignominious as to not appreciate how Laura Loomer saved his life?!??!

That, is positively shakespearian in its tragic profundity…

I must add also, that the people pushing this idiocy are mostly alt-right scumbags. A lot of conservatives have come out against the action, saying that this kind of protest is just taking on the irrational tactics of the left. But more than that, the fact that Loomer has to exaggerate absurdly that she was “protecting” the president just proves how pointless and stupid these kind of protests are.


A commenter reminded me that Loomer and her accomplices had set up a website to ask for donations even before the protest happened, reportedly, and have received over $25,000 in donations from gullible rubes.

ALSO, I just realized that I mockingly predicted her absurd description three days ago when I made fun of the protest!!

My headline was, “Alt-Right Idiots Saved Trump’s Life by Interrupting Shakespeare Play ‘Julius Ceasar’ [sic]”

That is… amazing.