SoOperPodcast #252: The Samesies Podcast With Plum Possum Walmart Aisles

WOW WE HAVE A FULL PODCAST THIS WEEK!! Just like every week actually. But this one is pretty good because we actually hit record!! WOW!! This week el Sooper tells a story from his storied salad days as a laborer in California, also el Sooper tells a story that Hapax Legomenon told TWICE already. Also el Sooper answers the riddle he put on Twitter about Socrates’ dialogue, “The Republic”!! They beg him to make Shakespeare jokes and he refuses!! I guess Matt and Jessica were there too. I guess. WOW you have to listen right now!!

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This week we have a preview for all you people who are sitting on the sidelines wondering if you want to jump into the pool. Listen to this brilliance:

OK that wasn’t all that great. Here’s Matt from last week:

Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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