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6 Responses to WI Public Unions unveil their new logo!

  1. Prudy says:

    their collective bargaining rights end when their fist meets my wallet!

  2. Prudy says:

    what a bunch of KNUCKLEHEADS!

  3. [...] Flashback: WI Teacher Union Outraged Over No Viagra Benefits (UPDATED) By Prudence, on February 18th, 2011 [Updates at end!...but be sure to check out the new logo that SooperMexican designed for the Wisconsin "public service" union knuckleheads: click here.] [...]

  4. Louis Pagan says:

    In the beginning they were useful, however they grew powerful and have overstepped their boundaries. IMHO

  5. Beckett says:

    Unions are so 1920′s.

  6. Ogafeblogs says:

    Nicely done Sooper!

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