El SooperPodcasto #486!! Buses Decks Surfers Bathrooms and Comedians!!

IT’S THE RETURN OF THE SOOPERPODCAST!!! It’s been four long months but we have finally been able to figure out our schedules to talk some politics!! Then we mostly ignore politics!! WOW!!! This month’s podcast includes incredible life-fulfilling stories about bus attacks!! Bathroom stall false imprisonment!! The nuking of tweetdecks and multiple decks, if you’re into that sort of thing!! Football updates! Questionable Nikki Haley tweets!! Butthole riders of ocean waves!! Soopermexican’s tequila funds and funny people we’ve seen live. WOW!! Also some politics!! You have to go listen right now!! It’s the “this is weird and I don’t like it!” podcast!!

Here’s the podcast!!!

And here it is in case it doesn’t load up on your browser, click here!

Here’s the weird place I talked about on the podcast! It’s real!! Not a dream, JESS, if that is your real name.

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