New Trumper SCAM!! Deepfake videos of Tucker Carlson offer FREE crypto WEALTH!!

I was on the YouTubes today and I got a very bizarre advertisement featuring what looked like a pretty obvious deepfake video of Tucker Carlson promising to give you free cryptocurrency.

Here’s a screenshot:

I know, you can’t see much on it. They are advertising a website called “Tuckers Event” and supposedly you sign up to get your free money!!

Here’s someone else who saw it on YouTube:

This guy was able to post a recording of the video, but it’s not embeddable so you have to click to his YouTube account to see it.

He was able to show that the source of the scam might be from Russia. The way the scam works is the victim is supposed to send money to the scammer and then they promise to send back more. Who would fall for that?

Here’s the website they are advertising:

Now you might think what kind of complete idiot would fall for such an obvious scam? Well, from my many, many, many posts about the Trump Bucks scam, I know that there are many such fools who are eager and willing to be separated from their money.

If you have an elderly Trumper parent who loves being online, make sure they don’t fall for this one.