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Alec Baldwin Versus Me: The Thrillah on the Twittah!

For those who missed it, I thought I would post some of the highlights from my twitter debate with Hollywood genius and political hopeful, Alec Baldwin..

This was earlier in the evening, after getting spanked yesterday (I’ll post those too). He probably had a few drinks, and thought he could throw a tantrum online… unfortunately for him, I was eager to once again, release the KRAKEN!!

Whoah! Little Alec is hot under the collar! Hope he didn’t call his daughter and berate her again!

One of the reasons I like to go after him is the ridiculous hypocrisy in him doing commercials for Capital One, while telling the Occupy Wall Street losers he supports them… He doesn’t like people pointing that out:

Here one of his followers breaks in to tell him to chill a little. I can just imagine him, breathless with anger, sweating profusely, refilling his white wine spritzer. He loses it a little here: ‘…this right wing flotsam doesn’t see that CFR… is it. It’s a system. One that must be changed.” Cricky cricky crackhead!!

After spouting off about how taxes have to be raised, and I pointed out that Obama had completely contradicted himself on taxes and how it affects the economy, Alec had this witty comeback, utterly disabling my statement with class, and logic.

Some people are saying this was somewhat racist. I’m not gonna accuse him of that. He’s just flailing about and has very little to attack me personally on, since he can’t argue rationally.

This next bit gets a little dull. Alec tries to forsake the conversation and turns instead to a fawning drooling fan. Once I make a very salient, and utterly fair characterization of the Occupy movement, he just can’t keep himself from ignoring me!

I love the fact that he thinks a bunch of cop-car-crapping degenerate pothead socialist hipsters without any direction or cogent thought can teach us anything. Maybe if I were an airheaded hollywood harlot like Alec, I’d be dull-witted enough to be taught by such intellectual amoeba.

So I strike back with another Capital One slap… he obviously didn’t take my advice to get Tina Fey (head writer for SNL) on the phone, because his comeback is odd, and not much of a comeback…

I’m still baffled by this. He keeps bringing dry cleaning up. Is that something only little people do? This is especially bewildering, as he supports a group proud of being unbathed for months…

After much derision about his misspelling, Alec did finally have a clever moment – rather than get defensive about it, he made light of it. Well done, genius.

He didn’t respond to this one:

One of the most revealing things he said was deriding someone for being proud of being a mom. Amazing elitism from the “tolerant” Left:

You can just imagine the smug smirk on his pampered wiggling jowels. This was my response:

Of course, I’m referring to the famous incident when Alec berated his 12-year old  daughter and called her a “thoughtless little pig”.

I repeatedly make my challenge to him, which I know he’ll never take. Rather, he limps away with his tail between his legs.

After blocking me, he started to mock his detractors for having a low follower to tweet ratio. Now there’s a tough guy who’s VERY comfortable with his self-image.

Finally, I had to trumpet my conquering this hero of the fawning moronic liberal masses, while offering some self-deprecation. It is just twitter, after all…


These are some of the sources I tweeted and referred to.. I’ll be posting more tweets





and just for special kicks.. check out Hannity and Mark Levin smacking him around on the radio…


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