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  • Prudy

    holy jOWlS, sooper! you mean “delendayum.” :)

  • lori gibb

    You are awesome putting Big “A” in is place__I use to post alot whenhis website was open even kept some of his Alec responds( he wa mean and hateful then) he seems to have gotten angrier and just a big bully who is the confused about reality___ and he does not care!

  • doodle

    Oh man, Soop. Those exchanges made my day.. Nay! My WEEK! Pure awesomeness. I bow to you, my masked friend.

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  • http://googlechrome Peter Hitt

    Baldwin in fetal position, crying for mama

  • Grendel

    Shouldn’t the title be “alec baldwin deletus est” (“alec balwin has been destroyed”)?
    If you mean the passive periphrastic, “alec baldwin must be destroyed” is “alec baldwin delendus est”.
    Incidentally, “alec” in Latin means “fish sauce”.

  • soopermexican

    You’re right. I rushed the Latin. Mea Culpa. Or whatever…

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