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Before Twitter was created, Alec Baldwin would only mutter ignorant invectives against conservatives under his alcohol-scented breath during the course of his daily life. Now that Twitter hath come down from the heavens, the Hollywood elitist has found the perfect outlet for the embarrassing ramblings from his diseased mind.

These ramblings inspired me to debate him on twitter, which quickly spiraled into Baldwin’s near meltdown.

Then in December, after a very public and childish temper tantrum while awaiting takeoff on an airplane, he melodramatically deactivated his account, asking that everyone unfollow him. Then a month later, just as capriciously, he returned to twitter, and again took up the idiot mantle of defender of the Left, to the drooling howls and applause of his sycophantic followers.

Here’s the thing – he had a secret account on twitter the whole time.


Yes, our favorite Hollywood limo liberal was going after his detractors under the Nom de Guerre of “@VictoriaNavel“, whining about how celebrities aren’t celebrated enough, and comparing America’s hatred of the rich to 18th century France. No, really.

Evidence Documented Here

In one particularly devastating criticism of the media, his Victoria identity whines, “Wonder when the news will get back to reporting on things that truly impact our lives,” after sending out two tweets with a link to his articles about his noble struggle against American Airlines persecution of chubby, petulant celebrities [1].

While the rest of America is struggling to get ahead under the half-witted leadership of President incompetence, Mr. Hamptons moans in anguish, “Do you think people simply hate celebrities now? Just hate the idea of them?” [2].

At one point, he accosts a US veteran, and mocks him for daring to dedicate his time to honoring other veterans. Classy, Alec, real classy [3]. Of course this continues in the fine habit he’s made of deriding Americans, including women who are proud to be moms!

The genius even manages to delve into a bit of conspiracy theorizing – VictoriAlec writes, “A drone crashed in Iran. Does that trigger an order for all new drone technology?” and then, “I think they crashed it deliberately To prompt more military spending” [4]. Alec actually believes the military purposely gave our defense technology over to Iran because they are so money-hungry, they’d put the country at risk to line their pockets.

Meanwhile, his hero Obama failed to actually protect America by ordering the destruction of the drone. And still he whines that people hate the rich – because in VictoriAlec’s Hollywood logic, the military is evil, and actors are the virtuous wealthy.

In the end, he couldn’t keep from the adoration of his drooling flatterers on Twitter. He re-activated his account and abandoned his transvestite “Victoria” identity.

Before you turn to the account to peruse the self-important smugness, you might ask what evidence there is to believe that this is his secret account.

The Evidence!

After his unceremonious breakdown on the American Airlines flight, and his crazy anti-conservative rants on twitter, Alec Baldwin closed his @AlecBaldwin account on December 6th of last year. The @Victorianavel account was opened up on the same day [5].

Immediately upon this account opening, Alec’s girlfriend Hilaria Thomas followed Victoria, even though she followed only 35 people at the time (and has more than 4,000 followers) [6].

The second tweet from the account was to Ireland Baldwin, Alec’s daughter [7]. The seventh tweet was a question sent to Alec’s girlfriends’ account, asking, “Sorry if your BF is in so much trouble. Is he crazy? Or just overcommitted?” Hilaria can’t answer every question from her 4,500 followers, but she did answer this one, tweeting, “a little of both” [8].

Alec Occupying the Hamptons

This new “Victoria” account started a full-throated defense of Alec Baldwin, mocking anyone who mentioned his name. It follows and is followed by a small select group of people who also defend Alec Baldwin, and some even seem to know Hilaria personally [9].

The profile picture of the @VictoriaNavel account is from a sculpture by an artist named Gines Serran who happened to own a house in the Hamptons, a favorite recreation spot for Alec Baldwin [10]. He is from Spain, as is the family of Alec’s girlfriend. It’s not farfetched to think they would have met during one of the Hamptons’ 1%er soirees.

Both accounts follow and retweet Paula Pell, Jim Gaffigan, Andy Borowitz, and Sarah Silvermann [11].

Finally, the Vicky account came after me specifically. This was the big tip off. As soon as it mocked me and I saw it had begun the same day Alec had supposedly left Twitter, it made me curious. One tenth of all the tweets from the account’s short life were leveled at me. Victoria tries to ridicule me in a tone very much in keeping with the idiocy flowing from the official Alec Baldwin account [12]. Alec’s Victoria makes mention of people’s low follower count if they have one, which doesn’t quite make sense with Victoria’s follower count at just 27, but makes complete sense with Alec’s thousands. He makes fun of people for having many tweets – the same tactic Alec used and was ridiculed for [13].

The last tweet from Victoria was on the fifth of January. Alec Baldwin returned to Twitter on his own account on the seventh of January.


So there it is – is it enough evidence to pin Alec to his transvestite account? I think so…

Now I doubt this is new – I’m sure many celebrities have secret accounts where they defend themselves more voraciously than they do on their official accounts. All the same, Alec’s transvestite identity shows some insights into the mind of a peevish, Leftist moron celebrity. He has hinted at wishing to seek  a political career after his mediocre attempt at acting. That Baldwin would troll around on twitter, pretend to be someone else, and pathetically attack those who disagree with him shows what kind of person he is. For these reasons I thought it worthy to document the ridiculous secret twitter account of Alec Baldwin.

~ Click here to see ALL the Tweet Evidence! ~

_______ UPDATE _______

VictoriAlec has responded! After a month of silence, and going back to his regular account, he/she tweeted the following:

As I noted previously in my citation page, it seems like the aging Baldwin has impotence close to his mind… poor Hilaria.

_______ UPDATE _______

Looks like his cross-dressing feminine alias is here to stay…



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14 Responses to MEXCLUSIVE: Exposing Alec Baldwin’s Secret Transvestite Twitter Account

  1. Antimedia says:

    Baldwin has created a special category of stupid.

  2. Lem Utu says:

    @CuriousGOP RT @VictoriaNavel. What’s ur real name?
    @VictoriaNavel RT @CuriousGOP. F*ck You. THAT’S MY NAME!
    That kind of gave it away too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The man needs medication perhaps.

  4. Mic Theory says:

    Wasn’t it GW Bush who wanted to make the United Arab Emirates the security force of our ports?..Can anyone say Blackwater …hmm? how quickly conservatives forget who really got us into this mess and it wasn’t Alec Baldwin! Maybe I’m being too harsh , Oh well, I can always blame it on the presence of those weapons of mass destruction the cows keep laying in my field.

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  7. Ann says:

    Thank you for making me laugh. Keep up the good work. By the way, did you ever see the guestbook on his old web site, and his hate-filled fans on it, and the way he would respond if he was criticized on it? Would you like to hear a couple of his phone calls?

  8. me3tv says:

    “arch nemisis” … but I LOVED the word clouds.

  9. [...] culminated in him leaving twitter, taking on a secret persona and attack conservatives, until I uncovered his transvestite alter-ego! No, I’m not joking… This entry was posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 4:46 [...]

  10. Russ says:

    Can’t you be a “Jewish Attorney from Beverly Hills” and be “Latino” too? Are there no Jews in Mexico?

  11. FlatFoot says:

    This is the first I have heard of this.

    Wow. What a slapdick.

    Alec Baldwin is a far bigger douche nozzle than the colossal douche nozzle I thought he was already. I hope he runs for NYC Mayor. The NYC electorate really deserves him.

  12. 20Chitowndemrevenuestream12 says:

    oh no alec is a douche because of boooooosh;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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