A response to this idiotic cover by TIME magazine released today:

Just another day in the life of a TEAT PARTY activist.

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10 Responses to TIME’s Ridiculous Cover Ridiculed

  1. Dadavis65 says:

    You are so silly

  2. [...] also already been the subject of parody, with the blog SooperMexican.com posting a doctored version of the photo, with President Obama’s head atop the body of the nursing mother and Sandra Fluke, the [...]

  3. Rich says:

    Maybe they can put this on next month’s cover!

  4. Gorgonzola says:

    New meaning to the term “Mommy State”

  5. talonspoint says:

    You’re photoshop skills are as pathetic as mine…love it!!!

  6. ClaireP says:

    this is awesome!!!

  7. [...] another from the creative genius of Sooper Mexican . Enjoy the day and relish the fact that Uncle Sam Barack will be taking over the mothering duties [...]

  8. Awesome!  I linked you.  

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