Why I Had to Step Away From Twitter, and Why I’m Back, Gringos

The evening of the election I decided to take down all the info and images on my twitter account, let it go dark, and walk away from twitter.

I hope I didn’t alarm anyone. I thought it was a good way to show just how devastating this election was to me personally, and to this country.

So I stepped away from the computer and started cleaning up. In the days leading up to the election I had built up an elegant castle of empty beer cans by my computer desk. My living room was a mess. The election had consumed a large part of my life, and I needed to just step away, cash some Koch checks, and recoup.

And sleep.

I knew that immediately everyone would blame everyone else, according to their ideological assumptions – social conservatives would say we didn’t go social enough, libertarians would say we did it too much, Ron Paulers would blame the chemtrails. I didn’t want to be a part of that. I knew most of it would just be emotional venting, and not much good would come of it.

When something this catastrophic happens, it’s best to step back, and not go with your immediate, emotional reaction.

So this is why my account went dark.

Now it’s been a week. And I’m back.

I had a lot of people demand I come back – I really appreciate it. It’s nice to be missed when you leave.

But while I was away I tried to read up on what happened in this election without commenting. It was good for me, and I recommend it any time you are faced with an enormous and devastating obstacle in your life.

So here are some conclusions:

Put these together, along with some other lessons from this election, and it’s not hopeless.

We can win this country back.

It will be difficult. We have a lot of odds against us.

But we’re Americans dammit.


It’s what we DO.


If you need some encouragement, read my drunken rant from the night before the election.  Also this from Rob Long at Ricochet

And if you need some laughter, listen to our podcast the morning of the election, we had a lot of fun.

I’m back, gringos.


[there are more twitter renditions of “Eye of the Tiger” to come!!!]

  • TonyLima

    I couldn’t have said it better — or nearly as good. Thanks, I needed that.

  • crosspatch

    Welcome back. Now, let’s get to work.

  • talonspoint

    Welcome back Soop

  • alanwillingham

    No need to guess… The Republican Establishment has been warned for a decade or more. Remember when the Elite Republican Establishment insisted on Liberal Lite Bob Dole and several hundred thousand of us refused to vote for him, announcing in every possible way that WE the American people
    insist on a candidate who actually represents US and not just the Elite Inside the Beltway Cocktail Republicans?

    Then, having completely ignored millions of American citizens,the Republican Establishment ran yet another Liberal Lite candidate, John McCain. Had McCain not selected Palin as his VP he would have lost in an Historic Landslide. Afterwards, having turned their backs on hundreds of thousands of Americans, the Intentionally Suicidal Elites of the Republican Establishment actually went to War against Conservatives to
    foist yet Another Liberal Lite candidate on an unwilling voting public.

    This time, a few million Americans in the despised and hated “Flyover Country” the Elites detest, stubbornly held fast to their principles and once again Refused to vote for this Flip Flopping Shape Shifting Liberal Lite Romney so adored inside the Beltway. Only by allowing those who have made clear their intent to totally destroy the Republican Party if they can’t have their Liberal candidates elected will WE the people have any chance whatsoever of finally being represented in the American Political Process

    They wonder “Where a few Million Voters Went”… the answer is WE didn’t go anywhere, We were simply once again ignored, taken for granted, insulted and looked on again with disdain by the Elite Republican Establishment who have made it clear they would rather perish as a Political Party than accept a candidate who is Fiscally Responsible and actually devoted and loyal to our US Constitution.

    WE the people never left. It is YOU the Elites who control the
    Republican Party Establishment who have so corrupted and defiled yourselves that WE the people appear to you as loathsome slugs rather than Informed Intelligent Patriotic Citizens Equal Under the Law.

  • crosspatch

    First I think people need to take stock. We fared MUCH better in 2012 than we did in 2008. After the 2012 elections we have a modern record number of state governors and total control (complete state legislature and governor) of more states than we had after 2008. We kept Wisconsin red. We lost 10 seats (5 each in IL and CA) due to redistricting but only lost a net 6 in the House meaning we picked up a net 4 seats elsewhere. We lost two Senate seats that we should not have, though. Those were for the most part idiocy. MA was due to party loyalty trumping ethics.

    Obama pulled out a +2 victory with a D+6 electorate compared to a +7 victory with a similar (D+7) electorate in 2008.

    It isn’t THAT bad. We are in a much better position going into 2014 than we were going into 2008 and I think by 2014 people are going to be absolutely SICK of the Democrats. This was a very close election that was decided by an urban electorate where party loyalty trumps common sense and ethics every time. It was not a rout.

    That said, there are some things we need to do but lets not go off the deep end here. We have suffered MUCH worse in the past.

  • I think you’re right… it was just a really tough loss because we really thought we had it in the bag. 2008 by comparison, seemed like we all knew we were heading into certain doom with McCain, and just marched along. While I hope the best for this country, I hope dems see what happens when their idiotic policies are put into place, and America wakes up. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Ellen K

    Glad to see you back. I was devastated too. But now I’m mad. I hear stories of egregious fraud and nothing is being done. Plus, if you want to read my blog, the Obama administration is waging the Real War on Women as outlined from my family’s story. This is an attack on working families in order to provide services for free to those who are his political base. We cannot afford this largesse. This link is here if you want to read it. Welcome back. http://sumofallthingsaccording2me.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-real-war-on-women.html

  • I think a lot of that is true, but, as much as I want to blame the GOP establishment, we have to remember that all our grassroots and tea party nominees lost the primary [mostly] fair and square. Romney convinced most Republicans he was the best among that group. We’ll have to hope we have a better roster to choose from in 2016. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Welcome back!

  • Edwin F. Buckley

    That is all well and good, Soop. Now, get into the fight. Massive voter fraud took place during the recent election, and to remain silent is to surrender. With your following, you can do much. Not tomorrow, not in two years, but now!. http://www.petition2congress.com/8222/petition-. Will it lead to anything? I don’t know. However, to remain silent on the overthrow of a government by voter fraud is to surrender. I, for one, will not. I suspect that you are not one to give up the good fight, either.

  • Marge

    We need a true conservative. No moderation. No reaching over to the other side. Its the Reagan Three legged stool: Fiscal Conservatism–Free Market, Foreign Policy–Strong Military and Social Conservatism–crime and welfare reform.

  • Nequelquepart

    I always appreciate your view point sooper, but I am not so encouraged. Americans had a clear choice, and Mitt was a fine candidate. The choice was welfare and debt versus jobs and prosperity for all. That it was even close at all testifies to profound depravity in the electorate. By 2016 America will be unrecognizable.

  • Dandee

    And don’t forget the confused Catholics.

  • One of the tidbits coming out is the realization of what I have always known. Left/right coast hispanics different from the rest of us. GOP running head long into the amnesty pander when that doesn’t really appeal to the larger group that is by far more conservative than most everyone else in the country (save Utah). Keep the message re-focus the aim of it. Get the hell out of L.A and get your azzes to Texas,NM and AZ.

  • I went to a cabin and went hiking in the mountains for a bit. And have turned off TV (except for Broncos & Nuggets) for a few days.

    By the way, who won the election? Should I make plans to attend the Romney inauguration?

    And, I’ve mostly stayed off Twitter. So I didn’t really miss you Soop. But I’m glad you’re back. – SooperGringo

  • I felt that way as well. Then it dawned on me that I can now let 60mil. people go, they will never see,never change. Concentrate on taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Vote with your wallet and watch the issues that matter most, get active in protecting those. Get the majority in 2014.

  • Excellent advice – don’t react with the immediate emotion, react with thought-out logic. The essence of a conservative mind, vs the liberal.

    Glad to have you back!

  • I was wondering where you were. Glad you are back. And Amen, brother!

  • #Benghazi will charge your batteries. I smell impeachment.

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