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Mexclusive: Preview of Joe Biden’s Gun Law Report!!

The investigative staff at the soopermexican offices of journalism have accomplished the incredible feat of obtaining one of the most secretive documents ever produced in the storied halls of the White House… the Gun Legislation Report from Rockin’ Joe Biden!!!

Below is the mexclusive sneak peek at the thorough and comprehensive report from our most august and wise Vice Prezzy!!!

Wow!!! No one can have any doubt that all our gun violence problems are solved after we implement VP Joe’s plan!!

And if you want further reason to destroy our God-given rights enshrined in the constitution, read my infographic on gun violence and crime in America!


  1. No one has commented yet??? I say not only whassamatter with all the eses, but whassammatter with all the gringos? Guess they’re all out there just tryin’ to survive in this lousy economy.

    C’mon folks let us know what ya’ll think!

    Love uncle Joe’s report though, really shows his intelligence level!

  2. Joe, Joe, it needs more cow bell.

  3. Sorry for the late comment: I was too busy translating his (excellent!) notes into a well-considered, fair, and reasonable Executive Order…so far, I only have a draft, but I think it’s pretty good:


    First time visitor – nice job, Soopermexican, I’ll be sure to stop back 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

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