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Four Headlines That Completely Undermine Obama Admin’s Latest Justification for Not Notifying Congress

Today it was reported that Obama broke the law because if he hadn’t, the Taliban would have killed Berdahl:

This is after saying that they did it because of videos showing that Bergdahl was in a weakened state and could die soon. But here’s the problem with this new justification – the deal has been “leaked” for more than a year now:

Even Bowe’s dad tweeted about the deal way back in May 2013:

The only way this makes sense other than Obama just being a flailing idiot, is if there are details of the deal that we don’t know about yet. It just gets better and better doesn’t it?

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  • lyn5

    In Obamaland, notifying Congress is considered leaking. LOL.

  • believe

    For the lack of action taken against Baracks behavior , doesn’t that give you a clue about Congress is just as guilty as most of our so called Politicians?? They have all have to go back and re-read the OATH they took to be working for the people that put them in office, But for few exception they have sold us out, WHY? they are filling there pockets with Tax Payers money.
    Look up how many of them belong to the Millionaires Club, for working 2 days a week maybe 2 to 3 hours a day.
    The Supreme court Judges have stop being Honest in NOT removing Barack for his crimes, there all corrupt as Hell.
    Time For a REVOLUTION for real. that is the only thing we can count on are WE THE PEOPLE.
    For sure the people WE put in office are NOT LISTENING to the the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    WAKE UP SMELL the coffee while you can.