Amazing: Ed Schultz ADMITS Amnesty Will Hurt American Worker And Will Hurt Democrats if Passed By Exec Order

I really don’t think much of Ed Schultz, but I have to admit that he does seem to sincerely care about the American worker, even if his solutions are usually socialist schemes that hurt America more than it helps. But in a remarkable segment on his show Tuesday evening, he admits that giving out worker permits to millions of illegals will hurt the American worker.

Watch below:

But then Ed shows his true colors – he ONLY mentions it ONCE. The rest of the segment is spent warning the Democrats that it would be politically harmful to them. Further, he whines that it’ll fan the flame of impeachment, when he laughed it off yesterday and said it was helping Democrats.

At least there was a scintilla of truth of “talk radio slut” Ed Schultz. That’s more than we usually get.

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