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Brutal Stupidity: Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Know Americans Can Move to Different States to Lower Tax Burden

How the hell was this ignorant jackass our House Speaker?! Sweet Quetzalcoatl, this is just plain pathetic:

I realize that it may difficult as America’s only Chupacabra Representative in Congress to keep up with tax law, but damn. That’s a pretty brutal stupidity.

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  • jerry

    This tells you about the intelligence of the people who keep voting Polosi into office

  • Tread7

    Damn California you should be a shame for sending Polosi to DC !

  • Tom G.

    They can’t move to find a house with a different price, either. Every house in the U.S. costs the same amount. Cars, too. Chevy, Caddie, Rolls — all the same. Steak, chicken, fish and tofu — all the same.

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  • ZZMike

    I guess she’s never heard of Tiger Woods. But she is right about federal taxes. And why, as a great ad powerful Senator, should she worry about such little things as state taxes and laws?

  • Fred_Z

    She’s not right about federal taxes either. We have many fine ex-Americans up here in Canada and they pay no American taxes.

    Someone should teach Pelosi how to renounce her citizenship and help her move to Zimbabwe or Syria, where her attitude would fit right in.

  • Matt

    That is only because she thought she had already passed a law prohibitin Americans from doing that.

  • Cali dreamer

    Ashamed? Of course not, after all if she wasn’t in DC she’d be in California and Californians are too smart to let that happen.

  • Milhouse

    No, she’s right about federal taxes, at least in the short term. The USA forces its citizens to pay it taxes no matter where they live and earn their money; and every year it gets harder to hide money from the IRS, as they have forced every bank in the world to tell them about accounts held by US citizens. And even if you renounce your citizenship, they still hit you for 10 years worth of taxes. The same applies to aliens who lived in the USA, and then move back home — they have to continue paying US taxes for 10 years!

    No other country in the world presumes to tax income that it had no role in producing, from people to whom it provides no significant services. But this is what Pelosi knows.

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  • swimkin

    Maybe some people are stuck in certain areas bc of their jobs or family, but that hasn’t stopped 400,000 NY people (me included) from leaving that state since Cuomo took office because of high taxes. NY didn’t loose two congressional districts for nothing. The state of NY (especially upstate, NY) is losing tax payers faster than any other state.

  • Jerry Nolan

    Chupacabra, LMAO! That describes her to a tee!

  • Actually, the State of California tries to keep taxing its escaped slaves. They always lard on some bullcrap charge and penalty when you move out, and you have to put up a fight or they will try to collect it.

  • chronovisor

    brutal stupidity would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!