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Revealed: Ferguson Protests Were BOUGHT and PAID For By ACORN Successor

This is simply amazing. We kind of suspected that there was something else going on behind the Ferguson protests, but only now do we have absolute evidence that there were shady organizations PAYING for protesters to show up. How do we know? Because those same protesters are angry that they were promised money and it hasn’t been paid yet!

Which is, in itself, hilarious:

Hired protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement have started a #CutTheCheck hashtag and held a sit-in at the offices for the successor group to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in Missouri after the group allegedly stopped paying them.

FrontPage Magazine reports that Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) has been paying protesters $5,000 a month to demonstrate in Ferguson. Last week, hired protesters who haven’t been paid held a sit-in at MORE’s offices and posted a demand letter online.

MORE is the re-branded Missouri branch of ACORN, which filed for bankruptcy in late 2010, FrontPage reported. MORE and other groups supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have received millions of dollars from billionaire financier George Soros.

The group Millennial Activists United posted a letter on their blog demanding MORE “cut the checks” to demonstrators.

“Early in the movement, non-profit organization MORE, formerly known as the St. Louis chapter of ACORN, and local St. Louis organization Organization for Black Struggle created a joint account in which national donors from all over the world have donated over $150,000 to sustain the movement,” the letter read. “Since then, the poor black [sic] of this movement who served as cash generators to bring money into St. Louis have seen little to none of that money.

Here are some of the #CutTheCheck tweets that haven’t been deleted:


SO there’s absolutely no doubt that part of the reason that Ferguson flared up was because protesters were being paid to be there. That makes you wonder – how many are being paid in Baltimore? How many more will be paid in the future? And if the media doesn’t report this, isn’t it admitting that it’s all part of a big show they’re compliant with?

It’s unfortunate how obvious the answers are.

h/t WZ

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  • Bob

    I recognize one of the “tweeters” Elizabeth Vega had her Saturn stolen while she was doing a protest for the “saint of swisher sweet” Michael Brown. She interspersed her outrage about her car being stolen and at the same time dissing the cops.

  • tamsland

    Teach a man to protest and he will demand money. Hey, maybe they’ll do something useful with their time like burn something else down.

  • redd

    If you look at Vega’s tweets, some one replied with receipts showing she received close to $2700, including $2000 to go to Baltimore. .

  • TheDissentingVoice

    Show me the money!

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  • Michael Onoo

    Blacks riot, loot, burn, attack police and get paid for it #BlackPrivilage

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  • BossySnowAngel

    Occupy was similarly funded as were the minimum wage protests. All you have to do is look up the Green Party platform and see what recommendations they have made. Greens infiltrated Democrats and eliminated anyone with sense from powerful positions. The Democrat party doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just like EuroGreens

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  • SMF

    The business owners in Ferguson, Baltimore and now Cincinnati who have had life and property destroyed need to do their homework, research the groups of people that were hired and brought to Ferguson, Baltimore and Cincinnati to rally the crowds to do damage to innocent people, to destroy personal property and livelihoods. There are names on this site and on other websites all saying the same people. One site has documentation of specific names of people working for the groups; how much each was paid. I read an ad on WEASEL ZIPPERS –it is all over the internet, re: “More Proof of Paid Protesters: Ad Asking For Protesters to Travel to Protest, List of Payouts to #Ferguson Protest Organizers. MORE and OBS, two groups funded by George Soros it said. Soros has said he is a socialist, communist (billionaire) and sited his goal is to take America down from the inside. If it was he who advertised hires with his money available for people willing to travel to protest (@organizemo is the twitter account of MORE). A class action needs to go after those who have done this to innocent people, cities, schools and real estate.

    I read the reason given for the posting of names is because ‘protesters did not get paid’ and the angry protesters ‘Posted on multiple sites and twitter with the names on this site via the groups #organizamo and #CutTheCheck#Ferguson

    In America there are laws against purposely hurting people and destroying property, I would sue in a class action suit with great attorney’s to hold accountable those carrying out the destruction, and those hiring the destruction of others.. We have laws against this. If I were the police departments, I would also look up these same names on multiple sites and go after them for millions of dollars to re-build their cities, using the money to hire the citizens to re-build the purposeful destruction. Go after Al Sharpton with his words of destruction to kill cops, and lead the rampaging and destruction of cities as he sweeps in to rally and use the crowds to destroy lives and businesses.

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