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Democrat Says Obama Insulted Them in Meeting on Trade Deal!

Democrat Peter DeFazio said that Obama “guilted” Democrats and then impugned their integrity in a meeting where he was trying to cajole them to pass the trade deal. DeFazio claimed that many were insulted, which might explain why it didn’t pass…

Watch below:


Earlier Chuck Todd said that it was exactly because Obama has such a crappy relationship with Congress that this bill was having trouble.

Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. HID Reports of Pedophilia and Major Sexual Abuse!
  • Bradoplata

    Racist dems holding the black man down.

  • tps

    This is because Obama has so much leadership experience. Doesn’t it show?

  • Andrew Scriveley

    Dems conspiring to everything they can to defeat the Obama agenda. The Democratic party is the Party of No. The Party without ideas. Anarchists/Talibans/traitors/blackmailers/kidnappers/terrorists/hostage-takers/jihadis/suicide bombers/extortionists/obstructionists/racists/fundamentalists.
    Did I leave anything out?

  • Diggsc

    Obama is yesterday, Hillary is the future!
    I’m ready for Hillary (to continue the Obama assault on the Constitution)!

  • Singlemalt


  • MK L

    Chuck Todd Stated There’s Nothing EnForcible in the Labor Standards in the TPP..(which means there will be More Importing iLLegal Aliens to Replace Our USA Citizens in their Jobs) …Also, Read about The THREE 3* types of Visas for Aliens in the USA…B1 and B2 visitor Visas PLUS,
    *L-1 Visa *which is virtually Unknown to the Public*

  • MK L

    The Republican Party also.

  • sciencebob

    The Pied Piper finally ran out of rats. democRATS that is.

  • Andrew Scriveley

    Dude, re-read the article.

  • Andrew Scriveley

    We don’t care whether you are against science.

  • Singlemalt

    Question: “Did I leave anything out?”
    Answer: Anti-Science

  • richard40

    The repubs supported Obama on this one. But I am sure Obama will find some way to blame them anyway.

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  • MK L

    Obama Has never taken Responsibility if he is at fault. always laying Blame on someone else…Be Safe.

  • JamesBenson

    Community agitators don’t need to do anything that requires leadership. They just show up and make threats, call names, impugn the integrity of those who disagree.

    When the agitator shows up, your character, integrity and motives will be impugned, and it just keeps getting worse until you give in.

  • Pat

    Tyrants and Dictators have a difficult time with persuasive communication without offending someone. I don’t think the democrats in congress understand their role in Obama’s decisions.