SooperPodcast #149!! Barrel Rolling Into Moist Pool Parties With Jessica Heddings!!


This week we’re joined by the lovely and brilliant Yessica Heddeengs, who teaches us how to barrel roll into pool parties. Also I guess Matt Dawson was there too. WOW!!!

The show airs first on 10pm on the FTR online radio network every Thursday at 10PM EST. Join us in the chat room!

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By the way, the FTR version may contain more explicit language, but the iTunes podcast will be squeaky clean!! Also, the FTR version is limited to 56 minutes but the podcast version will often EXTEND to more insanity! Wow!

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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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  • I don’t do the twattle or facebook thing so I’ll have to give the soopermexican a thumbs up here! I kinda like the guy even though I’m a “coconut”, which reminds me, damn I’ve been doing things wrong all these years! I should have did a Dolezal stunt years ago and scammed everyone into thinking I’m really a Mexican, I just have blonde hair and blue eyes because a genetic disorder! Who knows what kind of affirmative action stuff I could have gotten!

    Never mind the fact that I’m a born and raised New Mexican of Spanish decent who has been bilingual all my life, I could have scammed the system and made tons of money working for the state instead of working at a real job!

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