SooperMextravaganza Podcast #150!! With Dolezal Rap Artists Yessica Heddings and @SaintRPH


This week we’re joined by the lovely and brilliant Yessica Heddeengs, who teaches us how to barrel roll into pool parties. Also I guess Matt Dawson was there too. WOW!!!

The show airs first on 10pm on the FTR online radio network every Thursday at 10PM EST. Join us in the chat room!

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By the way, the FTR version may contain more explicit language, but the iTunes podcast will be squeaky clean!! Also, the FTR version is limited to 56 minutes but the podcast version will often EXTEND to more insanity! Wow!

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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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  • BigGator5

    I hear that Ghana Guy is one handsome man.

  • Good morning Sooper! I don’t do the twaddle, twit, facebook thing, this is the only way I have to talk to you.

    I have had family visiting from that stronghold of conservative ideas, Portland Or., for the last week and I am now brain dead. I love my brother and all his family but I swear he has been gone from home way too long. I wanted to drag him out of our mothers house and beat the shit out of him to get his head straight.

    Anyway, I finally got to listen to the podcast this morning and it was great. I have nothing to say about the lame stream media and their efforts to turn the murder of 9 innocent people in Charleston into a political football. All those people make me sick. I can do nothing for the families but send them a little prayer, Vaya con Dios. Que Jesús caminar contigo. Those people are the most forgiving, kindest people I have ever heard of, much more than I would be in their place.

    That Dolezal broad is a different story. When will the jokes and laughter end? Transracial? Is someone kidding me? I have been called a crabby old fart so going by her logic can I claim I am a transcrustacean who smells like crap? Great idea! Maybe I can get some gooberment goodies for being a minority! How many other transcrustaceans have you heard of?

    Y’all have a great day and always remember to go with God.

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