SooperPodcast #151!! The Churrrro Suicides With Jessica Heddings and Matt Dawson!!


This week Sooper talks about how to commit suicide with churros, and Matt approves of the plan for the Prolife States of No-Gay-Marriage America… with Jesus. Also Yessica Heddings was there I think!! WOW!!! POdcast time!!

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CNN Just Had a LONG Segment Accidentally Devoted to a Flag With Gay Sex Toys On It

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  • I gotta figure out how to get the unedited FTR version of the podcast. I don’t stay up that late anymore and don’t know what it is anyway.
    Anyway, I think all of you missed the point on what the 9 pussies on the Potomac did this past week. The Supreme Court is supposed to rule on the Constitutionality of laws passed by the House and Senate then signed into law by the President. They are not supposed to change or “interpret” the words in the law, like that asshole Roberts did in the ruling on Obummercare, nor are they supposed to write the law then judge on their own law like they did with gay marriage. No bill, not a damn one, was passed by the House and Senate then signed into law by the President concerning gay marriage. Why did the 9 pussies even listen to any arguments on a non-existent bill?
    In my opinion their ruling on a law that does not exist, gay marriage rights, alone is reason for impeachment. They legislated from the bench, they broke the law. Too bad we don’t have enough House members with some balls, they would start impeachment proceedings immediately. They don’t care if they do their duty or not, all any of them care about is the next election.