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Watch ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters SCREAM ‘White RACISTS!’ At Angry Bernie Supporters!

This is just fantastic. The Black Lives Matter crowd interrupted a Bernie Sanders event in uber-white Seattle, and chased him off the stage.

Here’s video of the BLM protesters calling the Bernistas “white racists”!


While the media tries to destroy the GOP by tossing Trump at us, they’re completely ignoring stories like these that show the rabid insanity on the left – share and post so people know what the left is up to!!

[h/t @redsteeze]

Republicans AND Democrats Who Oppose My Iran Deal Are Just Like Iranian Terrorists Who Killed Americans – Obama
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  • Well Done

    Dem supporters are stark. raving. daft.

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  • AlexanderYpsilantis

    Dems have to put up with this shit because they kiss black asses. Bernie put up with this shit, what does that say about him?

  • pathfinder

    While I worry that this could be how the hag gets the house, I have to admit to a great amount of schadenfreude watching this.

  • WuDanFu

    I would have shut off the sound system…

  • It’s great to see this. The implosion of the Democratic-party left.

    BLM protesters wouldn’t do this if they didn’t think they’d get results. The left caters to this and therefore have invited it.

  • The Serf

    A lot of those black chicks don’t look that black too me.

    There might be a lot of white self-hatred Rachael Donezal style going on there.

  • Jack Schooner

    You know I’m for freedom of speech and but Michael Brown was a thug a bully and this black lives matter all human life’s matter and this is racist bull shit to try to divide how can good white stick up for civil rights for Black folk and everytime we do we’re getting a knife stabbed in her f****** back makes me sick. And who beleave this b.s get A job and a live

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  • RDRR

    So, why didn’t the crowd snatch them off the stage and issue a collective ass kicking??