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‘When You’re Here, Let’s Speak AMERICAN!!’ – Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin agreed with el Trumpo that everyone should speak only “American” while they’re in America, even as she praised Jeb’s Hispanic relations.

Watch below:

Y’all are insane if you think you can reach out to Hispanics and also yell at them “speak English!!” all the time. I thought conservatives were about free speech? Like, literally, it is free speech when I talk to my family in Spanish. And I’m supportive of making all government documents officially in English and in no other language. But you’re talking about keeping government out of our private lives one minute and then the next saying we have to leave the country to speak another language? Absurd.

When I posted this at the Right Scoop, I got this comment in response:

I have filed complaints at Home Depot 2 times for the packaging of products turned with the Spanish facing out and I had to turn the boxes around to see and compare products. The second time I walked out without a purchase.

Nothing ever came back for HD to me so I guess they do not care.

Seriously people? America defeated the Nazis and the Commies, and we conquered the frickin’ MOON, but we’re out filing complaints because we have to turn a product around on the shelf at Home Depot? Surely there are more important things to get your panties bunched up over?

Also got this one:

When I call Lowes for example, why do I have to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish? Retail and packaging in English and Spanish. There are many other languages. Why do Spanish speaking people get special treatment? It’s absurd and so is your statement/argument.
No right minded person cares if you speak Spanish to your family and friends. But living in a country whos official language is English, people should learn it and speak it in the majority of public situations.

So I called Lowes. This is what I heard: “Oprima el numero tres para Espanol.” I didn’t have to press anything to continue in English, it was asking if you wanted to hear it in Spanish. Really people? Just the mere mention of a Spanish word makes you implode into a fit of paralyzed rage?

We’re better than this, America. Or we should be.

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  • Kelly Zat

    I think for most people it’s the slow drip of going to stores where clerks don’t speak English and you’re made to feel stupid if you don’t speak Spanish. So when you see the things mentioned you just get more annoyed then you would have. In the past people would at least try to speak English and assimilate but now, we’re racist gringos for even asking people to try. I have a friend in FL who hangs up when he gets a Spanish only speaker when ordering take out. His rationale – ordering a pizza in America for a man who speaks 4 languages should not be this hard.

  • U.S.

    Uhhh, we are in the U.S. , speak the GD language , this isnt rocket science!!
    This assumtion thay we “Owe” or have to “Make it Easier” for illegal aliens or legals is what Piss’s me off to NO END. We owe illegals aliens and legals nothing. NOTHING!!

  • Frank
  • Pat

    Jeopardy Show

    Answer: This quitting governor said she studied both French and Spanish in high school, adding, “I shouldn’t have taken them both, because I got them all mixed up by the time I was graduating.”

    Question: Where did Sarah Palin learn to speak Word Salad?

  • It’s the same with this mountain B.S. The mountain was named by a private citizen not Congress. Alaskans want this. Get over it! Sheesh.

    Who cares what you say in your home! Trump destroyed his whole argument by going after Bush for that. I thought he would gone after Jeb for saying one thing to a Spanish speaking audience, and another to a an English speaking audience. NOW THAT would have been a strong attack. This is because we have seen both Rubio and the Jebster do this on the question of amnesty.

    However, because Trump is more visceral, than cerebral on these things, he goes off and makes a silly comment like that. Ai-yi-yiee.