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BREAKING! U.S. Officials Say Putin Bombed CIA-Backed Rebels In Syria!!


This is just pathetically laughable. This morning the administration was shocked to find out that the Russians had struck in Syria, saying they were attacking ISIS when they were really trying to help their pal Assad.

Now it turns out, that Putin brazenly attacked the very rebels that the CIA had trained to take down ISIS.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A Russian airstrike Wednesday targeted an area in western Syria primarily held by rebel forces backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and allied spy services, U.S. officials said.

The direct targeting of U.S.-backed rebels by Russian aircraft could escalate tensions with Moscow, which said it deployed attack aircraft to Syria to help the regime of Bashar al-Assad in the fight against Islamic State. U.S. officials said they believed Moscow’s primary military focus was shoring up the Assad regime and targeting rebels which threaten areas which the regime controls.

Wow. That’s just a bold provocation. This comes just a day after Putin was shaking Obama’s hand and apparently NOT telling him about the attack, and after their Foreign Minister Lavrov stood with John Kerry to announce they were going to de-escalate the war.

U.S. officials disputed that the airstrikes were targeting Islamic State. One of the areas hit by the Russians was a location primarily held by rebel forces which receive funding, arms and training from the CIA and allies. The U.S. spy agency has been covertly arming and training rebels in Syria since 2013 to fight the Assad regime.

This is just sad. Putin is spitting into the eye of Obama and laughing while doing it. Just incredible.

The Donald Posts Tweet Declaring Putin’s ‘BRILLIANCE’!

  • Tad

    Soooo..Putin bombed ISIS.
    Good on him!!!

  • gastorgrab

    Is it also true that the “Syrian rebels” had ties to Al Qaeda, and that the Obama administration knew about it?

    The time to help overthrow Assad, a “regional nuisance”, has long since passed. But the Obama administration doesn’t want to let it go as a matter of pride. He’s been ignoring the true international threat, ISIS, for the sake of his legacy, and his fragile ego.

    I hope this comes as a warning to Barack Obama that only our respect for the rule of law prevents us from doing to him what Putin did without cracking a smile.

  • Kelly Zat

    Putin is concerned with Russia and his empire. Why would he give two f*cks what our emasculated president or the world thinks? Obama, Cameron, Merkel? These fools are not Reagan or Thatcher for sure.

    Then we have Carly on Hannity saying we should confront Russia in Syria militarily which is just as insane. Hi Carly, have you met Mr Megaton? Or Mr Cruise Missile? Enough of the lady trying to look tough. You don’t know what you’re talking about clearly. We’re past direct confrontation in theater. We have to shore up our other alliances in region, which will not happen with the current administration.

  • formwiz

    Hell, we confronted them militarily for 50 years.

    How do you think we won the Cold War? Containment?

    There are all manner of ways of doing it. Some overt, some covert.

  • formwiz

    When the term bitch slapped is defined, this will be the defining moment.

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  • Kelly Zat

    Oh I’m not saying don’t confront them. I’m saying Fiorina’s idea of direct confrontation over the skies of Syria is probably more than slightly crazy considering we won’t back it up. Obama has walked away from all of our hard won victories and thinks WE are the problem. The best we can hope for is shoring up whatever alliances we have left. A hot war with Russia is not really something any of us wants.

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