kia participation trophy

Awesome KIA Commercials SLAP DOWN Liberal ‘Participation Trophy’ Mindset And People LOVE IT!!

Kudos to KIA for these pair of commercials that rip on the liberal “participation trophy” mindset that is so rampant in America.

Watch below:

I love that the mom coldly assesses her son’s inability to play football. But THIS ONE is the best:


And the internet loves it:

I don’t think it’ll make me buy a KIA, but I love the commercial!!!

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  • Kelly Zat

    So let me point out that the first one is not so stealth man bashing. It’s the typical inept dad with mom being the smarter one yet AGAIN and of course it’s a white dude who is being turned into a neutered beta male because doing it to any other dude so obviously is racist. Don’t fall for this feminist bullshit. Dad isn’t an idiot.