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‘I’m Surprised You’re So Gullible!’ – Trump Mocks Ben Carson’s Christian Conversion

In interview with Bill O’Reilly yesterday, the Donald hit on Ben Carson’s faith AGAIN, this time mocking his conversation that Carson says turned him away from violence.

Watch below:

He sarcastically retorts that Carson “went to the bathroom and found religion,” and then makes fun of Bill O’Reilly for being “so gullible.” It really is remarkable that he’s trying to persuade O’Reilly to turn on Carson and doubt his faith. And when Bill tries to move on, Trump keeps on the topic. Clearly he was planning to hit Carson big on this.

Earlier he had tweeted about it:

And then the Politico hit piece:

I get the feeling this weekend is going to be very interesting…

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  • Dan

    Kind of weird that this is coming from someone who wrote about punching his music teacher in the face because he didn’t think the teacher knew enough about music…

  • gastorgrab

    If Trump was smart he’d pile on with the rest of the media and politicians who are condemning Politico.

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  • Tyrconnell

    Or who tried to get the city to take a widow’s home so he could expand his parking lot.

  • infocyde

    That didn’t actually happen. Trump tried, but gave up.

  • Tyrconnell

    3rd word in my post “tried”, and Trump gave up when the courts ruled in favor of Vera Coking after 5 years of legal proceedings.

  • infocyde

    Yep. She kept the house for a bit and ended up selling it for a pittance of what she could have got it for. I thank you in advance for what I know is your consistent and vocal moral outrage to all eminent domain cases before eminent domain was raised as an issue with Trump.

  • Tyrconnell

    Try again, the Casino Development board offered $251,000, it was sold for $583,000 that’s over twice the “compensation” offered, not a pittance. And yes, I have been consistent in my belief that a person’s right to own property should not depend on whether or not some rich guy decides that he could use the land better. I know, it’s old fashioned to believe that “public use” might actually mean public use, but that’s just the way I am.

  • infocyde

    So you were against Keystone and all the politicians who have used eminent domain? If we parse through your social media accounts we can find all the places were you came out against eminent domain pre-Trump running for president right? You site Casino development Board. You did not site Trump personally (not surprised as this little detail is left out of sources like NRO and Redstate) who offered her millions. Adjacent properties sold in the 1.6 and 2.1 million respectively. When she did want to sell she wanted to make 5 million off the property, and eventually sold it for 583K as you site. And it is a pittance for what she could have gotten at the height of all this.

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