Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson: ‘Any PURE BREEDS Left?’ After Lamenting Obama And Romney

As far as I know no one had noticed this tweet before I published it at the Right Scoop.

In 2012, Katrina Pierson, who is now Trump’s spokesperson, wondered, “aren’t there any pure breeds left?” after noting that Obama’s dad was born in Kenya and Romney’s dad was born in Mexico:

Ironically, Trump’s mom was born in Scotland. Someone should ask Katrina if Donald Trump fits her definition of “pure breed.”

Even MORE ironically, her weird obsession with where their parents were born actually fits Trump’s birtherism against Ted Cruz three years later. What a weird coincidence!!!

The Daily Caller has found lots of other kinda not so good stuff in her tweets. Check that out here.

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So, don’t be like this douchebag:


Even MOAR irony:

She’s not even “pure breed” herself!!! Guess she disqualifies herself to run for president.

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