Social Media Timeline Of Pulse Shooting In Orlando

There are reports on social media that a man entered a gay club in Orlando and started shooting people. Remember early reports might be inaccurate – more than 20 injuries are said to have resulted from the shooting so far. Some are saying as many as 54 have been taken to a local hospital.

I’m seeing that this was a controlled detonation by police…

From Orlando, Florida:

A gunman has reportedly shot several people at an Orlando, Fla., gay club early Sunday, according to multiple local reports.

A person with access to a Facebook page for Pulse, a south Orlando nightclub, issued an urgent message at around 2 a.m. telling anyone listening to “get out of Pulse and keep running.”

A WESH-TV reporter said the assailant shot at least 20 people and barricaded themselves inside the venue.


This video appears to show an exchange of gunfire as police respond outside the club:

This was apparently posted on their Facebook page:

Are people tweeting from inside the club?


This is an Orlando area reporter:


I’ll post more information as it becomes available…

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