Trump Supporters Pushing FALSE Image Of Florida Rally…

Well it’s come to this. Trump supporters are so desperate to reassure each other that he’s not losing that they’re lying about how big his rallies are.

Check out this amazing and yuge photo:

Wow that makes me want to ignore every poll, just like Katrina Pierson told me!!! Except there’s a problem – that’s not Kissimmee, Florida, that’s from a different rally:

trump kissimmee dallas 04

Yes, the picture says “American Airlines Center” but that arena is in Dallas, Texas, NOT Florida.

Great job you bumbling morons.

Meanwhile, Trump-humping sites like “the Conservative Treehouse” are lying about the media supposedly photoshopping Hillary rally images:

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.33.04 PM

That image is NOT photoshopped, it’s from her rally in Manhattan when she won the New York primary – here’s the original:

getty conservative treehouse photoshop

But his followers are such cretinous idiots they’ll believe anything that maintains their Trumpist cult fantasies.

Here’s another that was pushed by Gateway Pundit and Breitbart:

breitbart cleveland trump

How desperate do you have to be to lie about images from his rallies? Well, when you’re a double digit loser in the polls and you’ve been screaming and foaming at the mouth about your poll numbers for months, I guess they have to do something to perpetuate the cheeto-faced idiot’s scam.

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