All the weird stuff about Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ lawsuits against Georgia and Michigan

So Trump’s former lawyer Sidney Powell dropped “The Kraken” on Georgia last night and on Michigan this morning. The lawsuits allege a massive scheme to steal the election from Trump, and demands that the court order the electors to change their votes and give them to Trump.

Apparently Twitter is banning people from being able to read the documents. Or at least that’s what many are claiming. I didn’t find a problem with getting the links.

Here’s the full lawsuit against Georgia, it’s 104 pages:

Here’s the full lawsuit against Michigan:

Now here’s the weird stuff.

Apparently, the teen who used to be a Republican then flipped to be a Bernie-loving Democrat that then flipped BACK to Republicanism is one of the lead plaintiffs:

Just to give it even more credibility.

And another plaintiff, the Cobb County GOP chair now says he didn’t agree to be a plaintiff, but he won’t withdraw now because it’s Thanksgiving.

A lot of people were making fun of the document because of all the typos in it:


But there’s a QAnon answer to that as well:

Aha. Very clever. You would think the media wouldn’t need to be tricked into covering it if it ends up with the arrests of Barack Obama and Joe Biden and all of the Democrats, but well, uh, yeah. I guess.

Then there’s this theory – the Kraken is actually a cyber warfare program that has been collecting information on the deep state and it will be all the evidence Trump needs to defeat the Democrats and put them all in prison:

One of the guys who believes this cockamamie theory is none other than the great Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, who loves Trump and used to be hooked on crack cocaine before he changed his ways and became a zillionaire.

So that’s all the weird stuff surrounding the Kraken lawsuits. If I find more, I will update. Happy Thanksgiving!!